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 vitality experiences

Are you tired of normal networking events, want to expand your friendship group or looking for new opportunities with women who are more like you?

Are you ready for a change, to make new meaningful connections or perhaps contribute to some exciting global projects ?

Welcome to the exclusive opportunity to be part of something unique and bespoke. We have designed a 3 step journey to make you feel valued and appreciated. Each Vitality experience is designed to delight and inspire you. We know you are a certain type of woman who expects luxury, high standards and quality in every respect and our exclusive experiences are available as part of our the MTN Network Rich Woman Club. Become part of next generation of Renaissance Women. Lead by example. Completely liberate yourself from being a prisoner in your life, to live a life that you star in and harness philanthropy. and help other Generation R women to do the very same.


 rich afternoon tea

Meet with us to share afternoon tea at selected exclusive venues around the UK. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to explore the Rich Woman Club benefits and unique events and experiences. Tell us what you love, share your dreams and passions with us and we will introduce you to a world of fun, friendship and fulfilment. We know that you are special and important and deserve some time just for you.


 Vitality Weekend

Are you a female philanthropist, home-maker, executive or entrepreneur who is putting everyone else’s needs above your own?
Perhaps you are struggling to find the balance between a rewarding career, your family commitments and good health and you are ready for some me-time?

You may choose to spend 2 days with us at a very special location in Suffolk. The Vitality Experience is designed to offer you an exclusive and revitalising get-away in a private and charming Tudor manor house with healthy gourmet vegan food, interesting and expansive workshops and classes and bespoke health and exercise classes.

Currently taking bookings for 3rd- 5th May


 Rich Woman Retreat

The ultimate in luxury, fun and life changing experiences. Make life-long, meaningful connections with women from 5 continents. Be a part of the Generation R community, whether you just want to have fun, or establish some philanthropic or business opportunities , the Rich Woman Retreats are designed around your personal goals and wishes. We will inspire you to try new things, visit new countries and make new plans for your future. Each 5-7 day get-away-from-it-all is an inviting and enriching ladies-only holiday in exotic and interesting resorts around the world. This is your time to relax, rejuvenate, re-energise, and release and reconnect. Each woman is offered a bespoke opportunity to spend time with other Rich Woman Club members in a safe and private environment where we schedule in group activities and 1:1 time with Gill and other therapists and workshop leaders.


 How to sign up

Sign up today so that we can contact you to arrange our Rich Afternoon Tea. We love to meet in exclusive locations in London or we can choose somewhere near to you. We will spend at least 2 hours together where we will get to know each other and chat about how we may best collaborate together. This is designed as an informal meet-up to establish how we can connect in ways that will be enriching and meaningful for you.

You will also receive a free copy of Gill’s book The Heart of a Woman: how to look after the heart you give to the world. An invitation to attend a Rich Woman Club event OR feature in the Rich Woman Magazine and information on our other events and experiences.

Rich Afternoon Tea
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