I was very happy to be a stay-at -home mum,but have a music degree, a nursing qualification .... And many other skills

So as much as i love my kids, I needed to be stimulated and feel valued and respected. Now I have an entrepreneurial business that has many aspects, the main income being through helping other women develop their own businesses with the fastest growing Network Marketing Company, SYNERGY WIRKDWIDE

THE 3 KEYS TO SUCCESS TO BUILDING THIS TYPE OF BUSINESS ARE: 1 finding one that has been around for many years ( 44 ) 2. has the very BEST quality of its kind.. they are owned by the first company to encapsulate herbs

and 3. follows current trends....

....... Nutrition and the wellness industry has grown by 250% in the last 12 years. ( 65% of people in the UK already take supplements) and was recession proof.

I started by helping my son with his IBS (after years of pain and suffering he is a different young man) and I Sooooo wish I knew about the value of natural remedies 14 years ago when he was diagnosed.

Now.... I love making minor and often major differences to many people's quality of life...

With patent pending, Nobel prize winning products,

a no sales model ( yes that's right, you don't need to sell anything!) FREE mentoring and Free training, NO monthly targets....

And best of all: I love working with heart based business owners...people with a oasis on to help others

Make health your passion...

Love Gill x

P.S. Be part of our team to save one million lives a year

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