5 tips for managing diabetes


What Can I Do About It?

The good news is that properly handled, diet and exercise has been shown to completely eliminate type 2 diabetes for some people, especially if it is caught early.

However these principles and recommendations may also be helpful for those with early onset (type 1) Diabetes.

These principles may make a significant difference if you follow them, so I would recommend that you keep checking your blood sugar levels!

General principles:

It is wise to eat little and often to avoid any major blood sugar lows, and to drop all stimulants including coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.

Diabetics  have high levels of triglycerides in the blood. A common cause of this is a diet rich in saturated or hydrogenated fats and failure to take regular exercise.

Other factors which may affect diabetics are low chromium levels, low magnesium levels and low Vitamin D levels. There is also evidence to suggest that high acid levels in the body contribute to diabetes.

Some suggestions

  1. Eat a low GI alkaline diet, reducing saturated fat consumption

Diabetes 2 is a result of poor lifestyle choices – drugs in any form will at best only treat any symptoms and at worst some of the oral anti-diabetic drugs are linked to an increased risk of heart attack. Health lies down the road of making a different set of choices and applying them consistently.

Low GI foods are basically complex carbohydrates which release their sugar content slowly and therefore give a long, slow release of energy to the body, not impacting in a major way on blood sugar, and therefore not requiring the release of insulin. There are plenty of good books and websites which outline eating the low GI way so take a look around.

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Eating Protein at breakfast can help control blood sugar levels during the day, reducing sugar cravings. - if you struggle with this or are in a hurry there are simple solutions that Gill can suggest.

2. Take targeted supplements.

Sadly, the western diet of the 21st century is no longer rich enough in essential vitamins and minerals due to poor soil quality, manufacturing processes and the factors associated with our busy lifestyles. So we all need to supplement with high quality organic supplements made from food (not the synthetic stuff you get from the high street or supermarkets!) here are my suggestions if you want to look at what to take to combat the side effects of diabetes.

recommended supplements:

  • Synergy V3 System which contains 3 pleasant tasting drinks: ProArgi9+.Phytolife and Mystify

3. Try to alkalise your diet as much as possible - Phytolife will assist in this

4. Create some good habits

Exercise regularly – an hour in the gym three times a week is recommended. If you can’t stand the gym, find other ways

  • walk somebody’s dog,

  • always take the stairs,

  • go dancing,

  • ride your bike.

Find a creative way of taking your exercise, so it is not a chore. This is important as exercise helps to burn off excess blood sugars, reducing the possibility of arterial damage from inflammation, and starts to use stored fat.

Stop smoking, and using all stimulants

Stop all sugary foods - For those who don’t want to give up sugar in tea etc, use the natural sugar substitute Xylitol, as it has many beneficial effects, including not spiking blood sugar levels. Do not use artificial sweeteners made from aspartame, or sugar-free or diet drinks containing this, as it has many potentially harmful properties.

5. Support your body to minimise the complications of Diabetes

Diabetes doesn't kill, but the complications do.

If blood sugar levels are not properly controlled it can lead to long term complications which can be very serious.

Diabetics have

25 times the risk of blindness, 20 times the risk of kidney failure, 20 times the risk of gangrene and up to 6 times the risk of heart disease. One of the reasons for this is the high oxidative stress which is caused by this, so free radical loading is substantially increased. At the same time antioxidant defences are also damaged so this acts as a double whammy on the body.

High doses of antioxidants can help to modify the course of the disease.

They also help to prevent damage to polyunsaturated fatty acids in the cell membranes and promote healing. Damage to these causes increased levels of lipid peroxides in the blood, which damage blood vessels, thus contributing to heart disease. In diabetics levels of these peroxides are abnormally high.

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