We all have a product, a company or a business that we use and love. What if we owned a business like that? A concept we wished we had thought of, or had a chance to be part of that company?

Perhaps it is a restaurant that has the best food and atmosphere. Or better - A shop or online store in the wellness industry with fabulous products and customer service.

I want you all to imagine now that you go and speak to the MD or owner of that company or business and say:-

"I really love your business and I'm so passionate about your product, I would love to work for you. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, really ambitious and hard working and I know I will be a success for you, but in return I would like the following:-

  • To earn 25% commission on everything I sell.

  • Anything I buy for myself, I would like to buy at wholesale price.

  • Oh and I only want to work part time; the hours that suit me, that work around my family and other commitments.

  • I really enjoy working with my family and friends so would like them to be able to work here with me also.

  • And when someone that I introduce makes some commission on their sales , I would like you to MATCH the commission and give me the same amount as each one of them each month.

  • Also, when I introduce a new team member, I would expect to receive a cash bonus.

  • I will also be bringing in at least 3 regular customers, so would like £99 of free products every month for doing that.

  • I am very ambitious and will do well, so when I do, I would like lots of recognition, achieve awards and receive all expenses paid five star travel to countries all around the world..

  • I want there to be no limits to being able to advance through the company and I would like to do it at my own pace.

  • I really love to learn, so would require lots of free training and support and to be able to call you whenever I need your help.

  • Oh and when in the future I decide I don't want to be actively working the hours and perhaps want to take more holidays, I would like to still be receiving my full wages.

Would that be OK?"

This is what I am working towards with SynergyWorldwide. Be part of the growing  momentum of the Synergy opportunity in the UK and Europe.

Here is a great 40 minute presentation by a colleague Julia

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