Blog from the Dog: what everyone needs to know about being successful in business name is Dolly. I am a Sporting Lucas Terrier, and I am having a very nice time on this great big boat!

I get to wear a fancy jacket,

sniff the air,

bark at the ducks,

get off the boat,

get back on the boat,

whine if I don't get to do this EXACTLY when it suits me,

explore EVERY lock for any small aminals,

sleep on my "the food lady's" knee  (normally I am stuck away in the little room with the loud machines!)

eat the leftovers,

watch the swans (bit scared of them)

and lie down right in everyone's way!

But the best bit is ....... I am with "the food lady" all day and she LOVES this big boat and is just chillin'.

You see she's been VERY busy lately.

Apart from organising some sort of 3 day party where loads of people came to learn about not going to the Drs ...

(She called it a "health fair" )

She went on some fancy business course a few weeks ago, and has been working REALLY hard on all the great new stuff she learnt from these two blokes she met at a "do" in Oxford.

She goes to lots of these "do's".

'pparently, she learns loads from the "blokes" and "ladies" there, who are already really clever and successful .

And the most important thing she learnt is:

Guess what....?

you need to invest time and money to spend time with  "blokes" or "ladies"  .... "who are already really clever and successful " in order to get clever and successful.

As we were walking  to get the next big gates ready... we were having a chat...

This is something she told me that they told her:

'pparently there's 3 things that these "blokes"and ladies like Mr Disney & Ms Wasmund do...

  1. Have more than one way of making money

  2. Find something to do that you rully rully love doing ((like chasin'squirrals)

  3. Find some people to help you who know what they 're doing cos they've done it already! (Like expert squirrel chasers)

gill computer.jpg

So... Normally, when we are at the palace of pleasure...

Thats where I live.. With the food lady....  I  like to sit on her knee at night.

But lately, she's been sitting at her shiny clever machine

reading about stuff,

listening to other people telling her how to do stuff ("can't sit with you  now .... doing a webnar?!?  ")

writing her own " stuff ". ...

and talking into a little black thing that keeps making a funny ringing noise!

Ugh ... Boring!

But because the food lady has found something that she rully rully likes to do, which is helping other people to help other people with their health,she says it doesn't feel like work!  make sure you read about her DREAM JOB

She has loads of people that she learns from that have done the same thing already.

and..... has several ways that she likes to make the money to buy my food!

So she is really happy, a bit like me when I'm on the big blue boat.


She especially likes working with her team to help them develop their own part-time business - you can apply to join her team by the way -  just click here to contact her

Hope you find something you rully rully like to do!

Love Dolly x