Are you confused about supplements?

Are you confused?

Perhaps you are one of the millions of people who take some form of supplementation in the UK?

Maybe a probiotic? A multivitamin? Some omega 3? Vitamin D?

I was at our local supermarket yesterday

I found myself in the isle with all the pills and potions

There were several people grabbing pain killers (sad to see)

And a couple of people gazing at the vitamin section with VERY blank looks on their faces!

One guy found one of the shop assistants to ask her advice on what his wife should be taking for her insomnia and poor circulation.

Can I ask you?

Would you ask the teller at your local bank for advice on a mortgage or loan?

Or the receptionist at you hairdressers for which products, cut or colour would suit your hair type?

Would YOU ask someone stacking shelves for their advice on your health?

Now studies show that about 65% of us in the UK use supplements

But most; do not have a personal supplements coach to help them determine what they actually need.

Are taking synthetic products that are of poor quality and won't be absorbed anyway.

Are buying cheap mass produced brands that have only small amounts of the active ingredients in them or sometimes TOO much.

Wouldn't you rather know what is right for you?

Person to person or Network Marketing is the MOST efficient and successful way of helping people with their health...

Because it provides a personal service.

Jamie Oliver and Alan Sugar both use the direct selling model.

Because it provides clients with a cost effective service that it based on personal recommendation.

Do you get rewarded for telling your friends about a great film/restaurant/product or service?

It's great when you do.

Love Gill x

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