12 Principles Of Weight Management: How to easily lose weight and keep it off.

Ever noticed that each time you try to lose weight you end up eating EVEN LESS to drop the pounds?Do you think about food ALL DAY as soon as you go on a diet? Cant lose the inches from the bits that bother you the most? And then find that after all your efforts the weight GOES BACK ON, and often even more from where you started?

Like some of you, I was a yoyo dieter..... But discovered the KEYS to successful weight management a couple of years ago... And haven't looked back since.

So I thought I would share my tips with you.... As I now help other women to get a healthier, happier and more toned body. (Take a look at my weight loss story on my about page.)

Weight loss and maintenance is easily achievable with a few consistent tools.

1. Keep a food journal

A tedious task we know, but you can look back on the previous week and see where you might be sabotaging your efforts and where you had successes. Include these things in your food journal:

  • what you eat

  • what you drink and how much

  • when you eat

  • how you felt during and around an hour later including any changes in how you feel physically and emotionally.


This will give you big clues to the foods you should keep eating and ones that may not be suited for your body. Although I do not advocate watching calories as such, try using an online food and activity diary App such as MyFitnessPal

It is free and has the benefit of telling you the nutrient content of your food.

2. Hydrate properly

Good clean water is the foundation of our good health. It flushes toxins, maintains our body temperature, and lubricates and cushions our organs. So drink filtered or bottled water.

Did you know that our tap water has high levels of female hormones as so many women take the contraceptive pill? Not good for you or the men in your life!

If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

A High quality liquid chlorophyll drink helps to rehydrate quickly, is pH balancing so is great for nourishing and cleansing and can increase the iron content of the blood.

3. Plan ahead

Planning decreases the likelihood of eating whatever is around because you’re famished. It also takes the stress out of feeding yourself. You save money and waste less food as well as increase the success of meeting your weight loss goals. Carry handfuls of nuts or oatcakes to nibble when hungry, or...... Take these handy sachets to add to water when you are on the move.....they are a .natural appetite suppressant, provide loads of energy, are low in carbs.....have natural caffeine and green tea extracts.

4. Watch your portion size 

Here is a fast and simple way to look at portions: thumb-size – oils, fats, butter, cheese, condiments and dressings handful – nuts and other healthy snacks palm-size – for protein, meat, yogurt. fist-size – whole grain, starchy vegetables, vegetables and fruit

And eat slowly away from distractions!

order your free recipe book now - complete the form below

order your free recipe book now - complete the form below

5. Stop dieting

When living in a restrictive manner your body perceives this lack of nutrients as starvation and it starts to store excess body fat, particularly around the tummy or thighs!

The key to losing weight is to find a method that suits you! Programmes such as the 5:2, Dukan or Mediterranean diets are more about food choices rather than calorie restrictions if done correctly and all will have you eating enough of the right things over a certain period to nourish your body.

A great way to start your day! . Including Protein in your meals keeps your blood sugar levels more consistent and stops you craving sweet things and feeling deprived.

I have a FREE offer of a recipe book which includes all food and nutrition values, and an instructional VIDEO for each recipe.

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6. Ditch the negative self-talk  (and the naysayers).

You are where you are and as long as you keep taking action and treat you and your body with kindness, your anxiety and stress levels over excess weight will diminish. There will be naysayers in everything you say, do, and believe in your life. Learning to accept that they are entitled to their opinions but they have no bearing on your life is the only way you will reach your goals. Talk to yourself in a positive way. Accept, affirm, achieve.

7. Manage stress

Stress is the biggest saboteur of weight loss. When you are under excess stress your body kicks into emergency mode and releases cortisol, the stress hormone. This depletes your adrenals and your energy level as well as hinders proper digestion and your immune system. Have you noticed that you put on weight when stressed?

B vitamins are essential to combat stress

8. Get enough Sleep

when you don’t have long enough quality sleep (more than 7 hours) your body again releases excess cortisol into your bloodstream. This sabotages all the efforts that you make in the day toward healthy eating and weight loss, not to mention you are probably tired and have low energy in which case you most likely reach for something sugary or caffeine infused.

We needs 4 hrs sleep for restorative processes for the body and 2 more for brain function...So if you lack sleep at night, make sure you nap in the day to catch up otherwise you will suffer with brain fog!

9. Move your body

Sorry to give you a reality check on this one. You will be more successful in ALL your efforts if you stop sitting as much! Find 1 or 2 activities that you like to do that are physical and do them, frequently and consistently. Find a friend to exercise with or attend some classes. Vary your activity, and walk whenever you can instead of using the car. (I know you know this!)

10. Turn on your fat burning 

Good fats and a high quality L- Arginine supplement will switch on your hormones and help you burn fat even when you sleep.

11. Be consistent in all your efforts

. This is the #1 factor that will get you to any goal; small consistent actions. Ladies........We tend to treat everyone else better than we treat ourselves and our bodies. The biggest impact you can have on achieving your weight goals is to commit to yourself and be consistent.

12. Studies have shown that just by giving your body adequate simple daily nutritional supplements helps with weight loss.

"Vitamins are essential to good health. Not only do they supplement your nutritional input, but they can also increase your metabolism and actively increase your weight loss! " (International Journal of Obesity (Feb 2010)

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