Fab feet, glowing summer skin and fat loss.

I was having a chat with a friend today who said that she'd noticed that her feet weren't looking too good! She suffers from cracked and dry skin on her heels, which have become quite painful too . I sympathised, as I used to have the same problem, but since I 've started eating healthy fats and supplementing my diet with the Synergy V3 System  they've dramatically improved.

A good moisturiser is good too, but by drinking The Synergy V3 everyday I am moisturising from the inside!

The. V3 system improves circulation and contains omega 3 which is beneficial if you suffer from ROUGH SKIN/PIMPLES on the back of your arms, as this indicates a lack of essential fats, but may also be a sign of gluten intolerance 

Watch the 30 minute presentation here to hear some great results and why you should consider taking the V3 system

Hopefully, you don't buy anything labelled ' LOW FAT ' as that just means that the product has extra sugar to make up for the lack of taste due to reduced fat !?

You may have heard by now that SUGAR is what we should avoid, not fat. You'll notice how much more satisfying it is to eat full fat yoghurt for instance and you can add your own fruit and nuts for extra nutrition and flavour.

The good news is that you can go ahead and eat BUTTER and COCONUT & OLIVE oils - natural and healthy fats . With enough good fats, you will find that you don't crave processed fatty foods like crisps!

Your skin will also plump up and glow . I can even tell people who eat 'low fat diets ' just by looking at their faces! Their skin will be lined and dry with pronounced wrinkles. It's amazing how supplementing with the V3 System will do much more for your skin than an expensive ANTI WRINKLE face cream !

By the way the SynergyV3 system is also beneficial for MOOD, your HEART , your JOINTS, your BRAIN and indeed every cell in your body. TOP TIP ProArgi9+, one part if the V3 System help you to lose weight too as it an appetite suppressant and helps you burn fat while you sleep! How good is that?

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