Who else wants a life of Health, Wealth and Happiness?

Listening to the radio news on Thursday whist driving, I heard that the UK's Chief Medical Officer is concerned about the growing levels of obesity in this country. 25-30% of the population as clinically obese, and sadly our children are part of these stats. An Oxford Professor of Medicine commented on how just a few years ago, if we visited the US we would all come back commenting on how large Americans were! (I went to Orlando 10 years ago and remember this and also how big their washing machines, cars and fridges were too!) She highlighted that the trend to obesity has been a slow growth and that we have become accustomed to it as a nation.

It got me thinking....

What habits or situations are there in your life that have been happening gradually over the last few years that you have become to accept as normal, even if they are undesirable or uncomfortable?

Any of these sound familiar?

- Increase in stress levels

- Weight gain (or unexplained weight loss)

- Too much time spent on social media

- Lack of exercise/fresh air

- Working long hours

- Long commutes to work

- Carrying on through illness

- Spending less time with family and/or friends

- Eating "on the go"

- Reliance on convenience foods (including your lunch time "healthy" salad from Pret or M&S)

- The daily glass of wine/beer to unwind... Which may turn into 2 or more!

- Putting everyone else first (yes, I'm talking to you!)

-  Being too busy for hobbies or "me time"

- Not taking breaks or holidays

- Trying to be perfect or do it all!


Our 21st century, high octane, multi- tasking, busy, busy lifestyles may be common-place, but is it healthy?

You may not have noticed that the way you live is having an impact in your health... Whether its aches and pains, infertility/hormonal problems, Peri-menopausal symptoms, repeated colds or infections, IBS, weight gain, migraines, fatigue, or more serious issues, you might like to take a step back for a minute to check yourself out!

A GREAT place to start is to look, and I mean REALLY LOOK, at your daily/weekly/monthly routines.

Perhaps you could keep a diary for a month... Or 2?


What you eat

Where you eat

What you are drinking, (include caffeine, alcohol, sweet stuff)

How much sleep you are getting


How many hours spent:


Working at home after work hours

On Social media

With friends/family



On Daily chores

On hobbies

Alone/quiet time


Rushing around with the kids - school, after school clubs, hobbies, friends etc.

By now, you should have a picture of where your focus is...

So, I would ask you.....

Are you getting the balance right for you?

Is it nourishing you? Both in mind and body....

Is it nourishing your relationships?

Are you setting a good example for those around you?

Is it sustainable?

If the answer is YES, then that's AWESOME! (Sorry bit American)

But if it’s a NO... Then can you start to redress the balance?

I would suggest that you take some small steps to changing the things you want to change... But that you work on the BIG PICTURE of what you want to achieve FIRST.

So you may like to take some time to sit alone, with no distractions, close your eyes and imagine what your perfect day would look like ….. Who are you laughing with? Where are you? What are you eating? Who are you working alongside? What nice things do you own? Where are you planning to holiday? For how long? Who are you helping? What are you looking forward to?

If you can re visit this VISION of your perfect day, EVERY day, then you will find that your actions will be more aligned with your values and dreams… and ultimately,

This will drive you towards a happier, healthier and more fulfilled future.

Now... How do I know this...?

Is it because I have it sorted? Noooooooo! Definitely not!

I am still a work in progress... I know how it feels to be so passionate about something (e.g. money, a job, a career, a business, study) or somebody, (e.g. children, partner, parents, friends or a cause) where it drives you to keep going! Even when you know you are running out of steam and you know you are in denial about it!

But here's what I've found... Sometimes taking the time to re-evaluate what’s important, and listen to what those around you are saying to you, (Why are you still working? Come and sit down for a while, the chores will wait til tomorrow, you never switch off, we never spend any time together, etc.)  Is the BEST investment of your time EVER?

Then you will be more able to take the necessary ACTION to tweak and re-organise where you can.

And because I have made loads of mistakes myself long the way, I have used my experience to create The Vitality Experience and the Rich Woman Retreat.

These exclusive events incorporate my 5 step blueprint for a Healthier, Wealthier and Happier you, based on years of self-development, working with mentors, studying the fundamentals of Functional Nutrition and writing, blogging, teaching and speaking about natural health and lifestyle solutions. We also have a great time!!