I would like to introduce you to Paul, he's my financial advisor, a great chef and someone I have known for over 15 years. For the majority of that time, Paul has been very overweight, unfit, and I'm sure won't mind me saying, not the happiest of guys. He made a life changing decision in 2015 in his personal life and bought himself a bike!

"Little did I realize that when I purchased a mountain bike for my 50th birthday in October 2015, in less than two years I would be attempting a 300 mile charity ride over four days. My first ride on my new bike was on my 50th birthday and I managed the huge distance of 6 miles. I returned home out of breath and extremely hot and red faced due no doubt to the excess weight that I was carrying. I went out a few times more over the next few months but started my obsession with cycling in February 2016 after my long trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.

In the next 3 months I slowly built up my distances and my stamina so that by July 2016 I was able to complete a 40 mile course in less than three hours with climbing of 1,500 feet plus and an average speed of 13 mph. By now my weight had reduced by almost two stone in a little over nine months but all the cycling prompted an old knee injury to flare up which meant a knee operation to clean the joint up and remove cartilage. I was off the road when I should have been doing my main training for my challenge of 300 miles. Fortunately, Gill was able to suggest a great range of supplements to accompany a healthy eating plan that would speed up recovery time, help me to lose weight, build muscle, AND improve stamina and performance. With the help of Synergy Proargi9+, Mystify and Phytolife (the magical V3) it was just six weeks until the swelling had improved enough for me to get on my Watt Bike (exercise bike) training daily using my left leg only initially. By the end of October 2016 after three months off the road I got the OK from my physio, who is stunned at the quick recovery and strength in my leg muscles, to get out on the road again. During the winter my weight reduced by a further half a stone. My physio continued and I joined a Gym to use weights on my left leg to rebuild the muscle loss and swim and row to build my upper body and increase my stamina. I have just had a Tamah Test to discover that my arterial results are good, my BP a fabulous 117/76 and my biological age is only 48!! Thanks Gill for the knowledge and support you offered to be able to help me achieve my goals, and thanks for introducing me to Synergy."

Listen now to Howard’s great results using the V3 system to normalise his blood pressure.