Blog from the Dog No 2

Hello – my name is Dolly and I am a Sporting Lucas Terrier.

I like chasin’ squirrels and pheasants

I like sitting on warm–laps

A good day is when I get more than 2 walks in the woods

Some people call me Dolly-day-dream

When I run, my ears flap so I look like a bunny rabbit

I had 3 babies

I am 9 years old

I like barkin’

Here is my news: the one who lives with me that I call “the food lady” bought me a new coat last week – I went to the hairdressers and they cut ALL my curls off! So now I get cold and sometimes I do shakin’ and my bones feel a bit achy. So, I don’t mind wearin’ it really.

“The food lady” tells me that she had a sore foot too! ‘pparently its been stopping her walking up the stairs properly – she’s been moaning about her ankle and her big toe, and even doing her lying down exercises (she calls ‘em Peelaaatees) didn’t help.

Anyway, she reads loads and is always listening to stuff about eatin’!! NOW – I LOVE eatin’ – don’t get me wrong – but I can’t sit on her knee when she’s busy doin’ that stuff!

Anyway, even though there are still some left in the little funny room outside made of glass, she decided to stop eatin’ tomatoes and some other stuff a couple of weeks ago!

She thought I should tell you the good news:

1.   The pains in her foot have GONE AWAY!!

2.   She’s got a magic way to cook the tomatoes and the other things that she shouldn’t eat.

3.   She says that learnin’ about this will help LOADS of other “food ladies’ and “food men” with things like itchin’ and arfwritiss – think that’s how you spell it. AND

4.   She has finished writin’ all the words in her new book, so now I can sit on her knee at least til she gets busy again!

Anyway, I am off to visit my friend Tracey who gives my biscuits that look like a bone – I like diggin’ holes in the garden so I can bury them!

The food lady says that when I get off her lap to go out for a walk she’ll write some more about how she got rid of her sore ankle. You can read  all about that HERE

#arthritis #foodasmedicine #cutoutthecrap