To overcome any challenge, you need to master only one of your existing abilities that matter the most in life: the ability to open the doors to your own heart. Once opened, the door to your own heart will never close again.

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Your Heart Matters - Paper Back
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When Dr Gill Barham first shared her passion on Radio W.O.R.K.S. World, I fell in love with the Miracle Molecule as a concept and the extraordinary woman who ventured herself into a mission to save one million lives each year. After the first interview back in 2016, I invited Gill to host The Miracle Molecule show and in 2017 it was followed by Light-hearted Conversations.

This book “Your Heart Matters” by Dr Gill Barham is the story of fifty-two Light-hearted conversations with People of Significance from four continents!

Have a glimpse into the private lives of Marie Diamond, the star in the worldwide movie phenomenon, “The Secret” who lives in Monaco; Rachel Elnaugh, Founder of well-known multimillion brands like “Red Letter Days” experience and recently Source TV, and learn what has made them who they are.

Are you an executive or entrepreneur? Are you putting everyone else’s needs above your own? Are you struggling to find the balance between a rewarding career and good health?

This book is for you!

“Only 10% of your body contains your DNA! The other 90% of you is bacteria, fungi, microflora, etc. That is YOUR microbiome. It’s your “inner ecosystem featuring over 10,000 identified species and has been dubbed “the forgotten organ”. We have at least a 90% opportunity for determining our current and future health.” Dr. Gill Barham

Dr Gill Barham is a woman on a mission helping one million lives a year, every year, by addressing the global mental health and health trends of the 21st century.

Dr Gill Barham is known for her passion for helping high achievers in the corporate or entrepreneurial world to look after their health and wellbeing, and vitality which she believes to be key to happiness and prosperity. Known as “The Vitality Queen”, Dr Gill Barham is a visionary with an extraordinary talent to understand, educate and empower people to look after the main areas that have the potential to affect their current and future health.

Dr Gill Barham's book together with her Vitality Talk and Signature programme, YOUR HEART MATTERS, are not only inspiring tools but real solutions for millions of people, as she travels into an awareness journey to help people "look after the heart they give to the world".

Any miracle you might wish for, is just an open mind away.

Your Heart Matters by Dr Gill Barham opens the doors into new possibilities and helps you, the reader, discover the ability to never give up and the ability to start over.

FOREWORD by Dr. Marina Nani, Founder, Radio W.O.R.K.S. World

Gill's Introduction: This book is an anthology of the Light-hearted Conversations I conducted from May through to October 2017 as the “Miracle Molecule Host” on the Radio W.O.R.K.S. World™ (RWW) digital platform.  My very first Light-hearted Conversation was with the creator of RWW, Dr. Marina Nani herself, who fell in love with the concept and immediately commissioned me to transcribe my top interviews into a book. This is the result.

I am very privileged to know some amazing people in the world who are making a significant impact in their field on their community, family and friends and am honoured that so many people agreed to participate in my live shows.

I am particularly humbled by the trust that each person put in me, as the majority came to the table without any clues at all as to what I was going to ask them! It was a fascinating roller coaster ride to discover who had a stammer, or dyslexia as a child. Who liked to sing and who didn’t and what music choice made the top-slot.

You can hear the conversations and order your copy of the book here