Menocool - hops for hormone health


Hops for Hormone Health

Are you looking for a natural alternative to control your menopausal symptoms?

If you are not sure you are in the peri-menopausal (before menopause) or post-menopausal phase - here are some typical symptoms that may be familiar to you.

Apart from the well know hot flushes and night sweats, these are very common to experience too and can occur commonly from your late 30's:

  • Menstrual Problems

  • PMS

  • Paranoia, irritation, panic attacks

  • Pre-menstrual and menstrual migraine

  • Insomnia

  • Joint aches, flu like symptoms

  • Poor concentration, verbal memory

  • Loss of libido, loss of drive

  • Inability to multi-task

  • Inability to cope

  • Bloating

  • Anxiety

  • Heart Palpitations

  • Headaches

  • Lack of energy/reduced stamina

  • Depression

  • Poor self-esteem /low self-image.

  • Weight Gain

  • Vaginal dryness

  • Dry, aging skin

Perhaps you are unable or unwilling to take HRT as you have been made aware of the risks for your long term health?

This gives you a brief overview of some findings published by Cancer Research UK


I would like to invite you to WATCH THE VITALITY HOUR show where I discuss the benefit of HOPS for hormone health and interview 2 sisters who have been suing Menocool for many years and would never be without them!

I would also invite you to read this SCIENCE PAPER for more information



Professor Denis.De Keukeleire University of Gent, Belgium


1 Menocool - twice a day for 6 weeks to get symptoms under control, then one a day as a maintenance dose.

It is also recommended to take our Vitamin D3 supplement to increase the beneficial effects - 1 free pack on first order.

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We are offering an invitation for your company to participate in a study to determine the benefits of a natural solution to menopause symptoms.

We are selecting a small number of companies who are concerned about employee welfare and employing a high percentage of women in or approaching the menopause to conduct a small scale trial.  

I am sure you are well aware of the recent stories in the media regarding pressure the TUC and other organisations are placing on companies to provide improved support for women suffering from symptoms of the menopause, the legal responsibilities that you face and the need to demonstrate and publicise the action that you take to support women.  

I have recently been introduced to a natural food supplement tablet that certainly appears to me to have a remarkably beneficial effect. An extremely beneficial product for all women. As an expert in this field I am fully satisfied with the nature of the product and its ingredients.    In fact, I have experienced this food supplements benefits personally.

The study consists of my providing 20 of your female employees with a natural food supplement that appears to enable significant relief from menopausal symptoms.  

Evidently mood swings, hot flushes and sweats are debilitating, typically having an adverse effect on attendance and performance that is a significant cost to many companies like yours that employs a large number of women.

The objective of the study is to evaluate the benefits and enable the UK distributors to build awareness and publicise the value of this safe alternative to the pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapy that continues to cause concern.

Subject to the results of the trial they and the participants will be published and will receive media attention. I will also present this product in my programme “The Vitality Hour”.

If you would like to enquire about how to get involved please complete the form below - please be sure to state menocool study in the comments

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