The day to start all days

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Today of all days, I feel that it is the time to recognise the influence of war on my family and therefore on me. Looking at one side, although my maternal grandfather wasn’t a serving soldier, he did work away from home in a munitions factory. The result (an illegitimate child) of this separation from his wife and 5 children could not have been predicted and is all-the-more shocking as it was never referred to or discussed within the family, due to the shame it brought and the consequential violence and disharmony throughout the remainder of my grandparent’s marriage. That, the poverty that was common after the second world war, the estrangement of the little baby that my mother was given responsibility for at just 13 years old, her brief time as a nurse doing her national service until she met my father, her insistence to move the family to near her mother so that she could protect her, and her periods of unhappiness in her own marriage shaped her all-too-short life and by default is still a big part of me and the way that I have experienced the world.


There is much to say about my father’s life too: of hardship, a large family and poverty, a violent father, a difficult childhood that moulded him and his personality.  However, we are all dealt a hand of cards, and ours is not an exceptional story at all. However, as I work to create awareness about how to live a happier and healthier life for others, my most significant breakthrough of all is to understand that I can only offer what I believe to be my soul purpose, IF I address my own developmental traumas by finding ways to create more safety, peace, joy and fulfilment in my own life.


Yes, I can provide inspiration and education on lifestyle choices and the benefits to health. I can recommend high quality personal care and nutritional products. I can showcase alternate and complimentary health solutions and practitioners. I can inspire you to take more responsibility for your own mental and physical wellbeing. I can relate to you as a woman over 50 who may feel unsure of her future significance and usefulness, or perhaps forgotten about the massive legacy we have already left to our daughters, nieces and grand-daughters. I can help you to make meaningful connections with special women just like you.


But, none of this is as powerful or beneficial to you as my own personal work towards knowing the inner me. To be, do and embody all that I believe to be true so that you are drawn to my table (for Rich Afternoon Tea perhaps) to my beautiful English countryside (for a Vitality Experience) or to exclusive away-from-it-all holidays (Rich Woman Retreats) so that we can celebrate and enrich each-others’ lives and those of the people we love.


I was walking with my husband today at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in this powerful year 11 (2+0+1+8 = 11) as we paused to take in the stunning colours of the autumn leaves and reflect on all those who served and still do until we can collectively raise enough high energy to end all wars.


Peace to you and those you love. If you are up for making meaningful connections, drop your email in the form below.