Making the difference – celebrating success

There is so much to be fearful of if you watch all that is reported and shown to us via the various media formats these days. Whether you pour over your newspaper, are a radio fanatic, TV buff or social media magnet, there is very little in the world to celebrate it seems. Whilst I recognise that there are atrocities and situations that are there to be seen and reported, I believe that we are being shown an unbalanced view of the world and that there is much to celebrate. Least of all YOU!

 I am very fortunate to be part of a movement that is all about sharing the good news rather than bad, raises people up rather than pulling them apart, creating meaningful connections and broadcasting the amazing achievements of ordinary people like you and me. MTN media, which stands for Make the News, is a platform that has changed the way we showcase “un-ordinariness” with social edification and promotion through exceptional quality publications.

 I am happy to announce that one of their beautiful magazines, the Sovereign, is celebrating its first anniversary, and as a contributing editor (I write the wellbeing articles) I have been given the opportunity to give 10 new people a chance to be in the new edition at a 50% discount.

 Watch the beautiful video I have created for you and if you or perhaps someone you know is ready to take the next step into serendipity and get some well-deserved recognition, then please contact the editor today, quoting DRGILL to get one of the exclusive places.