The truth about skinny “genes”, and the two top tips that will help your 2019 be healthier and happier.


As I write this on New Year’s Eve it is impossible to avoid addressing the media frenzy that has already started about post-Christmas detoxing, weight-loss plans, gym memberships, exercise classes, “dry January” and general abstinence!! You may be under the impression that these measures will make the difference you want to see “this time around” and that your resolve will overcome any cravings or habits you have. Or you may believe that there are just things that you can’t change anyway due to your genetic make-up.


Whilst there is merit in taking any positive steps towards better health, there are two over-riding factors that will turn your New Year’s Resolutions (which will usually last all of 17 days) into a longer-term strategy for success.


Firstly, January is a time for rest, hibernation and nourishment, so embarking on extreme dietary restrictions, slimming shakes, salads and taking up new forms of exercise is not recommended, especially from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. Nourishing broths and soups, winter walks with friends, revamping familiar exercise routines and practicing mindfulness are better options.

 And secondly…you are much more in control of your current and future health outcomes than you might think.

This is because, your health is much more linked to your gut microbiome than anything you have inherited from your ancestors. Your complex inner-ecosystem of microbes (bacteria and microscopic organisms) outnumber human cells 9 to 1; comprise of over 100 trillion microbes and 10,000 species of bacteria.


Our environment and lifestyles directly influences our genes more than any other factor.

 The Human Genome Project of 1990, discovered that genetics do not operate as previously understood. The project revealed that genes were only responsible for about 10% of human diseases and that environmental factors played a much bigger role:

“Genes change their expression depending on what is happening outside our cells and even outside our bodies”.  Cairns (British Molecular Biologist)

When a disease occurs, the solution, according to epigenetic therapy, is simply to "remind" your affected cells (change its environmental instructions) of its healthy function, so they can go back to being normal cells instead of diseased cells.

 So, this means, that even if you have a family history of a certain disease or illness, the way you live your life will reduce the likelihood of developing symptoms or a poor long term outcome.

 You are part of the largest nutritional experiment in the history of mankind.

Our food and our diets have changed over the last 60 years. We have witnessed an increase in shelf-stable foods, mechanized farming, a tactical reduction in healthy fats by the diet industry, nutrient depleted food, higher stress levels, an obsession with cleanliness, overuse of antibiotics and an overall lack of exercise and day to day movement. All of this leads to damaging the gut flora and those with an imbalanced gut flora have been shown to have lower stress resilience, poor immunity, digestive disturbances, hormone disruption and brain and memory dysfunction.

 An imbalance of the microbiome is related to metabolic imbalance, leaky gut, insulin resistance, type 11 diabetes and obesity.

The obese human microbe resulted in obese mice when fed the same diet.

The obese human microbe resulted in obese mice when fed the same diet.

In a study conducted at the Washington University School of Medicine, in 2013 a team of scientists took gut microbes from four sets of human twins in which one was obese and the other lean. They introduced the microbes of each twin into different groups of mice that had been raised in a previously germ-free environment. They then observed weight and metabolic changes in the mice, corresponded to the human.For those looking to shed the excess pounds, this means that changing your gut flora can result in achieving a healthier weight in the short AND long term.


The lifestyle choices you make can and will give you peace of mind, a brighter future and better health and vitality. I am so passionate about showcasing preventative healthcare solutions that I write regular articles for the global publication Sovereign Magazine where you will also find other solutions from experts in the wellbeing field. I also invite health and wellness professionals onto my Vitality Hour shows on BYPTV

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Gill Barham