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Do you have some new health goals for 2019?

Do you want to develop better eating habits?


There are a few barriers to healthy eating. Although we are real foodies in our family, I am aware that there are many for whom the whole cooking and eating thing is a bit of a chore. Some report that low confidence levels around food means resorting to convenience foods and eating a very restricted diet Others cite lack of time as the culprit for making poor food choices and often eating “on the go” or missing out meals entirely. At home, we choose to eat as much organic and locally sourced foods as possible, and I encourage my family and followers to do the same. As organic produce is often more costly It may mean eating smaller portions or less frequent good quality organic meat. Although, Aldi, the low budget supermarket, prides itself in providing great locally sourced and affordable produce. In fact with a vegan in the family, and my own recently identified dairy intolerance , the Barham family have been influenced enough to eat more vegetarian meals, more frequently, often saving the meat meals for the weekend.

Now I know there are millions of recipes, cook books and TV shows about cooking but you may still be struggling with making healthy meals for yourself or your family. If so, I have the perfect solution for you. even if you are:

  • unsure about what to buy,

  • where to buy it,

  • what and how much to eat,

  • how to cook it, or

  • struggle to find meals that are affordable and quick to make.

Food is very linked to our moods and mindset. I know I am not the only person who uses food as comfort and reward at times but it is also true that the food we consume affects our energy, overall health and moods directly due to the strong ink between the brain and the gut. In fact you may know already that your gut is your second brain. I am always so happy to see the changes in mental and physical health that can come about as a result of developing good eating habits.

It is said that it takes 21 days to change a habit and this is why the 21 day Purify, Cleanse and Heal programme I use and recommend is so effective. I am currently on day 9, and experiencing some uncomfortable symptoms (no detail here) that are a good sign that my gut microbiome is resetting and that my gut wall is healing. In another 21 days, I know i will be feeling brilliant and ready for what 2019 has to offer.

This 21 day purify system is based around a clean eating programme and includes a shopping list, menu ideas and recipe book.

However, I would like to offer you three fabulous interactive recipe books that I know you will love.

Meat eaters cook book
5.99 9.99

Do you want to eat more healthy food, but not sure where to start?

Would you like some simple but delicious recipes that will help with you fitness goals and weight management?

This delightful interactive cookery book is all you need to start your journey to better health and vitality.

Our high protein meat eaters version has unique and tried and tested recipes that will provide you with a good range of vitamins and nutrients. The recipes are quick and easy to do and each one comes with a video demo. This is perfect for the less confident cook.or if you just want to see how to present each meal in the best way.

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