Blog from the Dog No 3

Hello … my name is Dolly

I am a Sporting Lucas Terrier

I have some news ….. I have a passport! and that’s because i went under the sea

I discovered that I like goin’ to new places with different smells

dolly and glacier .JPG

I especially like going up in tiny little trains to the top of the world where I can rub my nose in the snow EVEN when it’s really hot

This is me with the food lady’s daughter when we were muckin’ about on the ice cream - oh uh no … the Glacier i think it was called.

I didn’t really miss chasin’ squirrels when i was there cos there was so much else to do

Everywhere I went there was always a nice chilly river to dip my toes in and have a drink

It’s really lucky I like sleepin’ though cos is was such a long way away.

Anyway, me an’ the food lady got home today and I am sleepin’ in my favourite place on the sofa and she is doing some tappin’ and stuff.

She wants me to tell you that she is organisin’ her “treat” and she still has a couple of places left. This is the picture of what she is plannin’ LOOKS BRILLIANT doesn’t it? She is rully rully good at organisin’ stuff …. like going up the mountains …. so you will have a brill time.

YOU CAN EVEN WIN A FREE PLACE if you send her some words about WHY you think you should get to go.

I told her it was a good idea … so if you send her a message …. I get to choose who wins!!

weekend programme .png

You have to be able to get to Suffolk, (there is one of them train things) for 3pm on Friday July 26th


lotsaluv Dolly Daydream

Gill Barham