Natural Hops and the Menopause- Episode 8 Season 1

Join Dr Gill Barham for an all new episode of Vitality Hour. On this episode Gill discusses the benefits of Hops in treating perimenopausal symptoms with Robert McLauchlan, founder of 21 Clinic. the show also features to sisters who have been using hops to control their symptoms for many years with great success.


I am selecting a small number of companies who are concerned about employee welfare and employing a high percentage of women who are in or approaching the menopause to conduct a small scale trial.  The study consists of my providing 20 of your female employees with a natural food supplement that appears to enable significant relief from menopausal symptoms.  

Evidently mood swings, hot flushes and sweats are debilitating, typically having an adverse effect on attendance and performance that is a significant cost to many companies like yours that employs a large number of women.

The objective of the study is to evaluate the benefits and enable the UK distributors to build awareness and publicise the value of this safe alternative to the pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapy that continues to cause concern.