Sovereign Magazine celebrates 1st Anniversary with Michelle Obama

As a contributing editor of the Sovereign Magazine, I am so delighted to be able to congratulate the Chief Editor Marina Nani and COO Darie Nani for creating the most beautiful and meaningful publication. Every issue showcases ordinary yet extraordinary people who are making a difference and providing solutions to a range of modern day issues and this anniversary publication is no different other than it features one of the most iconic and significant women of influence today.

In my very own episode of the podcast series Light- hearted Conversations, like my 70 or so guests, I had to choose who I would love to be stuck in an elevator with. Apart from my mother, who died before my children were born, the absolute top-of-mind choice was Michelle Obama. Firstly, I admire her grace, humility and sense of fun and her willingness to be herself. Also, as an accomplished business woman In her own right, her discrete but obvious loyalty to her husband throughout his presidency was such a great example to me of how,  as a partner, you can be admired for your part in someone else’s role, life choices or success,  even if it means putting your own career aside to provide that stable and nurturing sanctuary of home and family life.  To me, she is a great role model and a true example of a modern renaissance woman. 

Gill Barham