The Vitality weekend retreat 26th - 28th July, 2019

As you step into the hot- tub in the grounds of the stunning suffolk Tudor mansion, you can feel the warm summer air on your skin and sense the solitude and stillness of the late afternoon…

…it’s time to pause to reflect on the day or to laugh with new friends, sharing your experiences and your thoughts on life, work, and what and who matter to you most.

….in the company of ladies who are purpose driven, busy, hard-working, with much to offer in the world. Learn how to get well and stay well without resorting to conventional medications whilst enjoying the benefits of taking time out in nature.

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Suffolk is the PERFECT place to spend a weekend

To learn how you can look and feel 10 years younger :

(with no mad diets, surgery or weird exercises)

Feel the support of new friends as you undertake a brief journey of awareness and self-discovery. Celebrate the aha moments together as you learn the secrets to looking and feeling ten years younger. Imagine how you will feel as you experience inner quiet and a sense of harmony and balance.

There is a magical energy surrounding the 16th century retreat centre. The beautiful 500-year-old venue is just outside the stunning village of Lavenham, which is the most picturesque medieval village in England. It was set up in the 1900’s to support those looking to realise their full potential to a happier and healthier life and has been visited by many.  Just think you could be sleeping in the room that Gandhi or Churchill stayed in!


PLUS – you will be able to delight in the chef’s gourmet vegan fine dining (featuring their exclusively sourced high quality cacao).

What you can expect:

What if you could have more awareness of your own current state of wellbeing and how you could sustain or improve it?

How would you like to know the truth about food, how to beat cravings and manage your weight without dieting?

Imagine how you would feel if you had easy tips and techniques for getting better sleep, and having more energy and mental clarity.

If you knew how your hormones affect you (and your closest female loved ones and associates), how much easier would this make life for you!!

Take away top tips and techniques to avoid heart disease , strokes and heart attacks.

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You will also experience a range of movement and exercise classes. These are designed to enhance your weekend and help you fall in love with all that is you.

Mindfulness and meditation moments are dotted throughout the weekend. We know that taking time to create some mental space is a skill that needs practice. Even if this is new to you, you are guaranteed an enlightening and enriching adventure.

Would that be worth coming to Suffolk for?

Oh and …… we can even offer

  • biological age testing,

  • food intolerance testing,

  • a personal treatment, or

  • massage therapy session

    (All by separate arrangement, not included in the cost.)

Prices range from £397 to £675 - please follow the link below for booking and terms

The Vitality weekend experience - July 26th-28th, 2019 - Suffolk
from 349.00