Balance and flow masterclass

Balance and flow masterclass

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Do you often feel overwhelmed, under the weather or struggle to cope?

Are you looking for ways to feel happier, healthier or more fulfilled?

How would you feel if you could have more certainty about your own and your loved-one’s future health and wellbeing?

We are so much more than our genetic makeup and what we inherit from our parents. Our childhood experiences, the impact of close family networks, our work-life balance, community engagement, lifestyle habits and everyday practices have far more impact on us than we ever imagine. By looking at the whole picture; balancing the needs of the mind, body and soul we can begin to create the life you deserve.

The Universal Peace Federation are pleased to present an afternoon masterclass with Gill Barham.

This three-hour interactive workshop will include ideas on how you can develop rewarding and easy to maintain practices towards living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

The masterclass will begin with an exercise in awareness with Gill’s trademark process, The Wellbeing Wheel™ This is designed to give you an insight into your present state of wellbeing. We take time to look at your relationshipsphysical, emotional and mental fitness, work-life balance, financial situation, family and community engagement, spiritual practices and the legacy you will leave. This exercise is invaluable in assessing which areas of your daily life are affecting your overall feeling of happiness and fulfilment.

After a short break, where you can sample gourmet vegan treats, we explore some of the ways to improve and bring better balance and flow into all areas.

We know that the incidence of obesity, diabetes and chronic disease are growing to unprecedented heights in the western world. Our health and wellbeing is mostly driven by our lifestyle choices and Gill’s expertise is providing complimentary and holistic solutions to 21st century living. The session will include discussions on key topics such as:

  • Blood Sugar balancing

  • Hormone harmony for all ages

  • De-stressing

  • Restoring good gut function

  • Body posture and alignment

  • Clean eating

  • Meditation and mindfulness

  • Spirituality and family values

All delegates will receive free gifts and rewards including a copy of the self-talk tracker from Gill’s first book "The Heart of a Woman, how to look after the heart you give to the world" and opportunities for personal and group interaction and events.