You may not know that I have a very diverse background! I am a trained soprano, a former nurse, a music festival organiser, a member of various bands, a workshop provider, Pilates teacher, nutritional consultant, award winning author and speaker! Oh and a mum of 3 (grown up) children.

All that has given me a range of skills which include voice production, event management, posture and stage craft, professional speaking and broadcasting. I naturally bring all of my expert knowledge and practical experience to my online radio and TV shows : The Vitality Hour and Light-hearted Conversations with People of Significance.

So, to share the key tips and techniques with YOU, I have crafted a workshop to help you to Broadcast Your Passion and help others do the same.

Do you need help to


BE confident on stage or on camera?


BE recognised as an expert in your field?


have a bigger profile and following?


Enhance your reputation and attract more business?

This intensive workshop will give you the tools and knowledge you need to act confident and project your message with clarity.

In just 1 day you will learn


How to appear relaxed and comfortable

Whether it’s live broadcasts, on set, stage or in the studio .


How to craft your story

So your message is always clear and concise


How to develop a good Interview Style

To grow your confidence and get the most out of your interview.


How to build an audience

And share your key messages


How to PLAN a show

Whether it’s a one-off or a series of shows in your area of expertise.


How to ask the right Questions

To engage your audience and keep them coming back for more


How to manage outcomes

Both for your guest and for yourself.


How to raise your profile

By interviewing other experts who compliment your own expertise


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