The vitality hour shows

I recorded the Vitality Hour shows with BYP TV back in 2018. My idea for the show was to bring both experts in the health and wellness field and guests with extraordinary stories of recovery who had either discovered alternate and complimentary solutions to their problems or were using therapies or techniques to support their clients journey alongside conventional medicine. Our shows have featured subjects such as cancer, the menopause, children’s mental health, stress, gut health, sleep, mindset and more.

Dr Gill Barham is joined by Jackie Wilson, founder of Empower Education ( discussing the rising number of children suffering from mental health issues.


In this episode we are discussing the total range of symptoms you might experience - SOME WILL SURPRISE YOU The facts and myths and the best and most effective natural remedies you can use. We introduce you to 2 sisters who have found total relief for over 10 years with a hops based remedy.