Wendy attended a retreat for some me-time and relaxation but didn’t expect the additional transformation. “It was phenomenal, you can’t put price on it.” Wendy explains how Dr Gill holds the space to create a community and her events offer a wonderful mix for mind, body and soul.

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Pam started her transformational journey on Dr Gill’s “Life you Deserve” Programme.

Pam shares her experience of Gill’s 21 day programme

Pam shares her experience of Gill’s 21 day programme

I’m nearly 44, suffered complete stress and burnout last year and severe anxiety. I have high blood pressure and about 5 stone to lose. Motivation was to improve blood pressure as it has been too high for too long. I’m on the maximum dose of medication. I’ve been a previous slimming club member - off and on for over 20 years. This has completely revolutionised my diet, thinking and improved my enjoyment of food. And I have found it easy to my amazement. 

Benefits so far
1. Overheating at night - definitely hormonal - stopped within the first week✅
2. Skin is fantastic, dryness has improved✅
3. Knee - I had my cartilage done 2 years ago and have arthritis in my knee. Before I started the plan I struggled to lift my bent leg to my chest. I was probably achieving a 20-30 degree angle. All my stiffness and pain has gone. (Walking has helped ✅
4. My anxiety has virtually gone. Feel like my old self. I think this has been more hormone related but I had put down to burnout and stress. Anyway feel fantastic ✅
5. Bloating has gone. Within first few days my ankles had gone down, my stomach feels better✅
6. The whites of my eyes are even whiter ✅
7. My nails are glossy and shiny - suffered with brittle and flaking nails✅
8. Sleep has improved massively. I looked back at my sleep tracker and before Christmas I was waking at least 1-2 times a night and up to 4. I sleep through now and have been waking naturally before my alarm goes off. Can’t remember the last time that happened ✅
9. Bladder - I had to get up to the loo in the night with the urge to keep going. Despite probably upping my liquid intake massively, the urge to keep going has gone, and finally, what you all want to really know ✅
10. I have lost 16.5lbs in 21 days, ✅
1” off my neck; 
3” off my waist and
4” off my hips ✅

Joanna has better control of her blood sugar and sees light and shapes out of her right eye after a weekend with Dr Gill. As a type 1 diabetic, Jo had some massive insights into how to look after herself better. This was her first experience on a retreat and loved meeting new people and experiencing new things like Pilates and Tai Chi.

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